Albert Clarke

Albert Clarke

Mount Pearl Minor Hockey Association has lost a wonderful volunteer and friend. It is with a heavy heart today that we have learned of the passing of Albert Clarke who has been an integral part of our association for many years.

Albert was best known for his efforts regarding the Mount Pearl Minor Hockey Booster Club Tickets. Through this fundraising project and through his tireless efforts, over one million dollars was raised for minor hockey in Mount Pearl. An incredible achievement and a demonstration of Albert's passion and commitment to our association. In addition to his efforts as a the lead on the MPMHA Booster Club Fundraiser, Albert also served as Treasurer for many years on the MPMHA Board of Directors, was a member of the Hockey Dads, and was involved in many other MPMHA projects such as the bingo which was hosted to help the association. He would also serve on various tournament committees to assist with the financial well being of the association and events which were being hosted.

Albert was very proud of his children, Chris and Wanda who played in our system. Albert was proud to watch them play and enjoyed spending countless hours in the rink.

In our association, we have the Albert Clarke - Parent Volunteer of the Year Award. This award is presented annually to a parent who goes above and beyond to ensure positive experiences for our membership - just as Albert did during his years of service with our association. As a minor hockey family, we extend our deepest condolences to Albert's family and friends. Albert left a lasting memory on our association. He will be missed, but he will never be forgotten. He has contributed greatly to the history of our association and we will continue to build on the foundation which he helped to create.
Albert Clarke was a very dedicated volunteer in the Mount Pearl Minor Hockey Association. He was involved for all of the right reasons - the children, betterment of the association and providing a positive experience for all members of the association. He wanted the association to flourish so that all children would be able to participate in minor hockey.

Kim Pelley
Mount Pearl Minor Hockey Association

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