Pearl Minor Hockey Association was scheduled to hold their Annual General
Meeting the last Thursday of May as per Article 4.1.1 in our constitution. It
has been approved by our Board of Directors today (Wednesday May 6, 2020), that
our scheduled Annual General Meeting for Thursday May 28, 2020 will be
postponed until further notice due to the Covid -19 Pandemic. At such time that
the public health guidelines permit us to conduct our meeting in accordance
with guidelines set forth in our constitution (Article 4.1.4) we will notify
the membership.
notifications regarding our Annual General Meeting (Article 4.1.2) will also be
delayed until a new date has been set. Mount Pearl Minor Hockey Association
will next provide an update on the status of our Annual General Meeting to our
membership on or before Thursday June 11, 2020.


Pearl Minor Hockey Association

[2020-05-12 07:10:22]