Pass it Forward

We invite you to help grant wishes in a fun and easy way. Introducing #PassItForward.
You’ll be in good company, too – check out Stanley Cup winner, Danny Cleary’s "Pass It Forward."

What Is Pass It Forward?
Pass It Forward is a fun and easy viral hockey pass that takes place online and adhere's to all social distancing measures. You accept a pass, nominate some friends, make a pass to them, and make a donation. Get your minor team involved, or your rec. leagues friends. Let's see how far #PassItForward can go! Go to our social media pages to see more examples. Have some fun with it and get creative. Create your own #PassItForward today!

Step One:
Accept a hockey pass

Step Two:
Nominate your hockey team, friends, family and tag them on social media, and make your pass

Step Three:
Go to www.childrenswish.ca/beastar and make a donation

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