Welcome to MPMHA's new online registration system for the 2017/2018 hockey season. We expect this new online system will eliminate long line-ups previously experienced during past registrations here at the Association. It will also let you register your child, on your own time, in the convenience of your own home.

Please read the information on this page before beginning the registration process.

All previously registered players with MPMHA are now required to register online.

All new players to MPMHA are required to register at the office. We do encourage parents to set up their accounts, and provide the required personal information, before visiting the office to pay. New players will have to present 2 pieces of ID that show a MPMHA boundary residence.

No registration is complete and official, until full payment has been received online through PayPal , or in person at the office, and all residency requirements have been met.

  • You must first set up an account with a password and email address. Follow the instructions to add the players you are registering. Please complete the required fields before moving onto the next page. Select your Program and continue on to the payment Option. You will be prompted to pay through PayPal, or have the option to Pay at the Office. Please visit the office as soon as possible if you chose the Pay at the Office Option.
  • For your convenience, and ours, we will be contacting you using the contact information in your account. Please ensure the information is correct and current.
  • When registering please ensure you are registering your child in the right program as noted by their date of birth.
  • You will require your Respect in Sport Certificate Number for your registration. If you do not have it you can log on http://hnl.respectgroupinc.com. All new families to our Association will be required to complete this program before registration is finalized.
  • If you are entitled to volunteer points, Hockey Dad points, 2nd or 3rd child discounts, or are paying by cash or cheque. Please set up your account and register using the Pay at the Office Option. When you visit the office to pay, we will adjust your payment accordingly, and finalize your registration at that time. We are hoping that overtime these discounts will be built into our registration system, and you will not be required to come into the office, unless you are paying by cash or cheque only.
  • Please contact us at administrator@mountpearlblades.com if you require assistance during the registration process.
  • Please do not forget to print receipts for your records.

Please add your skaters following the instructions below.

When all players have been added, click Continue to complete the information process and to process payment.